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Debt help law is not one-size-fits-all. Our goal is to give the kind of individualized attention you need. Success lies in learning the particulars, evaluating and recommending an affordable, appropriate strategy.

We help our clients act now but think long term. Cases we handle range from simple, quick individual bankruptcy actions to more complex cases where our expertise in dealing with a court-appointed U.S. Trustee or bifurcation is indespensible.


Considering Bankruptcy can be stressful. Whether or not filing is the right choice for you, you need a plan for getting out of debt. I am glad to offer a NO-OBLIGATION, in-office or phone CONSULTATION with an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney (that’s me). Some offices schedule your consultation with a non-attorney. By taking some additional steps to “bifurcate” your case, I can file your case RIGHT AWAY, BEFORE YOU PAY ANY ATTORNEY FEES. Or, pre-pay attorney fees and receive a discount.

Call, email or message me to schedule your NO-OBLIGATION Consultation, or to briefly discuss your matter.


A San Diego native, John M. Given is a family man and former professional musician. He understands the realities of life and debt and prides himself on making bankruptcy and debt relief easy for the client. His easy going and confident approach takes the edge off filing and successfully negotiating bankruptcies. H counsels clients with a practical “What Would I Do?” approach. John is actively involved in the North County Bar Association where he continues to learn and stay up to date on changes in the law.

“Think long term. Get out of debt, build wealth and pass it on.”

– John M. Given

John was always accessible… My wife was concerned about a few things and he answered her questions to put her mind at ease.  John is thorough and goes above and beyond. The hearing went smooth because of expertise and coaching. 

Rene G.

John provided excellent service for my bankruptcy case. He’s very easy to talk to, thorough, and walked me through every step of the process. Excellent communication.  A lawyer friend referred me to him.

Scott G.

John walked me through the steps, was very clear on the process, made it simple, got my paper work filed quick and easy.

Max S.